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After having Matthew and Gabrielle at the hospital using the services of a couple of midwives who worked there, Scott and Nikkie never considered doing it any other way. However, their midwife informed them that policies had changed and that although we could see them for the prenatal care, they were only on-call at the hospital a couple of days a week and there was a chance that a doctor on staff would be involved in the delivery. Nikkie was horrified. She did not want to have some stranger at the birth of her child, and certainly did not want anyone medically-minded involved. Their midwife understood this and told them that, considering how Nikkie did with the other births, she thought that homebirth was a great option. Another option was to use a midwife at a birth center. So, after Nikkie cried for hours, they began their search and much prayer over how to take care of the situation. Nikkie still liked the idea of a homebirth but figured it was out of the question with Scott. However, after the prior birth experiences and all that was learned concerning natural childbirth, homebirth was not as undesirable as it once was to Scott.

After meeting a local homebirth midwife, Scott and Nikkie were very pleased and certain that this was the best option. Unfortunately, dilemma #2 arose. Scott’s insurance would not cover homebirth costs (although they are nothing compared to hospital costs). Some insurance policies do pay for homebirth but not Scott’s. So, Scott and Nikkie had to pray about being able to pay for the service.

Soon, Scott and Nikkie were meeting with the homebirth midwives (two worked together) for their monthly appointments. Toward the end of the pregnancy, Nikkie began having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Nikkie had these with the other pregnancies but this time, they seemed a lot stronger and at times, would seem to pick up but then would eventually fade away. For a while, Nikkie thought she was going to be so exhausted from these contractions that when the real thing started, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. And she certainly didn’t know how she would know when real labor had started.

Once, Scott and Nikkie called the midwife thinking she was in labor and to her embarrassment, she was not. But she did have a long night of contractions which eventually settled down to nothing.

Week after week passed, and before long, Nikkie was approaching 42 weeks. Much to her surprise, she learned that laws prevent a woman from having a homebirth after 42 weeks. If Jeremiah did not arrive soon, her case would be turned back over to the medical world and would possibly mean induction. This was not an option for Scott and Nikkie so Scott took the next day off work and they began to do everything natural they could to stimulate labor. Once again, contractions came and went, and finally, Nikkie went to bed, praying that Jeremiah would come soon.

That night, Nikkie woke up having strong contractions. She headed to the bath, and soon called for Scott to wake up and call the midwife. Scott, knowing how Nikkie had been having lots of false labors, asked if she was sure. Nikkie responded, “I’m not sure of anything anymore but this baby has got to come and he’s coming now.” And he was on his way indeed this time. Nikkie spent a good while in the bath, enjoying the comfort of the warm water during the contractions. As they intensified, she moved to her bed. Throughout all this, Matthew and Gabrielle were sound asleep upstairs in their beds.

Scott stayed by Nikkie’s side the entire time, comforting her any way he knew how. Once, he even provided a little comic relief. Between contractions, Nikkie commented that Jeremiah was going to be beautiful. To this, he replied, “Just like his Mommy.” Then she stated that Jeremiah was also going to be perfect. To this, he replied, “Just like his Daddy.” Both Nikkie and the midwife began laughing.

Before long, Nikkie was checked, only to discover that she had a lip that was refusing to move, keeping her from being ready to push. The midwife gave suggestions of positions, trying to help Nikkie through this and hoping that the lip would move. After a while, when the lip had not moved, the midwife offered to hold the lip in while Nikkie pushed until Jeremiah’s head was down far enough to keep the lip out of the way. Nikkie, wanting to move along, agreed to this. Pushing while a person’s hand is inside is not very comfortable, but soon, Jeremiah was on his way and the hand was removed.

Very tired, Nikkie pushed as hard as she could. She felt like she was never going to be through. Occasionally, she glanced at the clock, knowing that it would soon be time for the kids to wake up and hoping that she would be finished having the baby. She was right. Gabrielle’s cry was soon heard in the stairway. Quickly, Scott called his mother (who lives next door, thankfully) and ran Gabrielle out to her. The two of them went back to her house while Scott went back to Nikkie’s side. More determined than ever, Nikkie pushed with all her might. Much to everyone’s surprise, Jeremiah slid completely out and right onto the bed. Immediately, Nikkie grabbed him up and began hugging, kissing, and loving him. And, shortly afterwards (after passing the placenta, etc.), Scott called for Gabrielle to be brought back home and he went upstairs to bring Matthew down so that they could all meet the newest Corbin addition.
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