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Busy! Busy! Busy!

The Corbin Clan
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So, I haven’t written anything in a long while!  Why not?  Well, I just stay busy.

Speaking of busy, people will often comment to me, “I know you’re busy…” and I always think, “You haven’t any clue how busy.”  So, how busy am I?  Hmm…  Here it goes.

I have 5 children.  And yes, that alone does qualify me as busy.  But let me add in the fact that I have my 5 children 24/7.  No babysitters (except on occasional date nights), no going away for school, no anything.  It’s me and them all the time.

Of course, sometimes people will qualify their “I know you’re busy” statements with, “You have 5 kids.”  And that’s fine for them to acknowledge this fact.  I do not like it, though, if I feel like they are resenting that I don’t have time to do what they want me to do because of me having 5 kids.  Fact is, when I am old and sick, it will be my 5 kids that will be there to support me and help me, not the one who wants to comment that I’m too busy since I have 5 kids.  And my 5 kids are not a burden, they are my joys.

But let me be clear, having 5 kids is just the beginning of my story.  Second point, I homeschool.  And for those who don’t homeschool, I often think that some people are completely clueless about the work that goes into this.  I don’t know how many times my phone will ring during school hours and people will wonder why I don’t answer the phone.  Hmm… Because I am teaching school.  And my kids deserve a good education that is not interrupted constantly by phone calls.  And yes, we have school all day just like a regular school.  And yes, I spend many hours in the evening writing lesson plans, grading papers, etc. just like a regular teacher.  The main difference between myself and a regular teacher is very simply that I have multiple grades to teach at one time.  And that makes things even more complicated.

Third point, I co-pastor a church with my husband.  This includes secretarial work, preparing at least one sermon each week, being at all church services, functions, etc., and preparing for and planning all church services and events.  I also update the website, edit videos of church services, create flyers, etc.  If it’s not one thing, it’s usually 10.

Fourth point, I run a home.  I pay bills.  I clean house (and with 5 kids, you can only imagine how much laundry and house work is involved in that).  I cook meals.  I decorate our home.  Etc.

And that is just a brief description.

So, yes, I am busy.  However, Scott and I have always made time for those around us, despite our busy schedules.  And to be honest, we love being busy.  Sitting around in the recliner watching television all the time just isn’t our ideal.  This is who we are.  This is our life.  And we love it!

So, yes, I am slow at updating our person webpage but with all I have to do, you have to understand, I’ll get to it when I can!  Meanwhile, you know I’m just busy!

A Day in My Life

The Corbin Clan
Published by in Ordinary Days ·
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